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Your confusion seems to stem from the difference between Skill and Skill Proficiency. Anyone can use a Skill and attempt to remember lore (History), detect traps (Perception), hide (Stealth), and etc. but not everyone is proficient in a skill. Here is the possibilities of Skill Proficiencies at different levels for a College of Lore Bard. At 1st level ...


Yup, upon joining the college of lore you gain proficiency in another 3 skills. Bards are very versatile.


The very first line of the skill description reads (roughly translated, I don't own an english book) You use the spot skill to find characters or creatures that are trying to hide. So yes, if the moon was a living being actively trying to hide, you would get a huge negative modifier. As the moon is not actively hiding, because it's just a mass of rock, ...


No, that character would still need to use the disable device skill. If you read the Trapmaking guide, you will even find the section about how a trapmaking could include a bypass into the trap. This bypasses all do need a check different to Craft(trapmaking). Anyway, some GM may rule that a character with craft in trapmaking would gain a small (+2) ...


KorvinStarmast is correct, I think. The Animal Handling Proficiency is fairly tightly defined. On page 178 of the PHB is says, "When there is any question whether you can calm down a domesticated animal, keep a mount from getting spooked , or intuit an animal’s intentions, the DM might call for a Wisdom (Animal Handling) check." Dragons (in general) aren't ...


To answer your question with a question: Would you use Animal Handling on a human infant or a human toddler? If your DM does allow use of Animal Handling, the time where that skill is applicable would be very short. Dragons are by nature very intelligent beasts. This possibly related discussion on Animal Handling is provided with a caveat: Animal ...


The alchemist's lab specifically overrides the more general masterwork tool and the masterwork artisan's tools Most skills don't need tools. However, a craftsman usually needs different artisan's tools for each Craft skill. You can buy a masterwork tool for a skill. The masterwork tool for the skill Craft is masterwork artisan's tools. If a specific ...


This is an easy one! Circumstance Bonuses stack; get your alchemy lab (+2) and your masterwork artisan's tools (alchemy) (+2) and enjoy +4 on your checks.


The maximum skill rank when creating a character is 6 for both action and language/knowledge skills. You can go up to 7 with the advantage "Talented".

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