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Yes, a Synthesist can us the Skilled Evolution while fused. The synthesist gains access to evolutions, but no skill ranks or feats. This evolution does not give skill ranks or feats. It just happens to give a bonus to a skill, which is quite different.


The feat Cosmopolitan gives you access to two INT, WIS, or Charisma based skills as class skill, and the Keeper of the Veil regional trait gives you access to Bluff or Disguise as a class skill and also grants a +1 bonus to both of those skills.


One, at +5 DC The assumption that a separate check is made for each square is incorrect, as indicated by this FAQ entry provided by HeyICanChan. As both that and the Acrobatics table entry indicate, if your move takes you through an enemy's square, you increase the DC by 5, which is the case here. In addition, it states the following as a special rule for ...


A character uses his move action to move through a threatened space. He wants to avoid AoO, so he uses the Acrobatics skill to avoid provoking one. Assuming the skill check succeeds, the opponent never has the chance to make an AoO, therefore his AoO is not used for the round and he is free to decide whether to make one or not the next time one is provoked. ...


Please note that your question is stated incorrectly - you don't provoke an attack of opportunity for moving INTO a threatened square, but for moving OUT of one. From Attacks of Opportunity, emphasis mine: Moving out of a threatened square usually provokes attacks of opportunity from threatening opponents. Having said that, when using Acrobatics to ...


Yes, that is your only choice. It is a deliberate design choice for bounded accuracy.


Other than ability increase and level there are a few ways to increase your skill modifiers: they are based mostly on class. For example Bards and Rogues get the Expertise trait which lets them double proficiency bonus on selected skills of the players choice. A Knowledge Domain Cleric can gain double proficiency bonus in certain skills. The Ranger's ...


Yes, but no need to do that; read below. If you take a class that has a class skill that you desire, and you put a rank in it, then you gain the +3 bonus. If it is a cross class skill, and you put a rank in it, then you don't get the +3 bonus. If you have Craft, Profession, or Perform as a class skill, and almost all classes do, then you also have ALL ...


Strictly speaking, yes, but it involves intense shenanigans. First, the Magical Training feat from Player’s Guide to Faerûn gets you in the door with three cantrips from the Sor/Wiz list, cast as sorcerer or wizard would (your choice). You count as a spellcaster with caster level 1st (minimum). You must be an elf or human, and must be from a specific ...


Fred Hicks (the dude who cofounded Evil Hat) talked about exactly this in an official blog post: One-Note Approaches in FAE. It's worth a read. The bottom line is this: there is nothing that is inherently a problem about people primarily using their +3 approach. That's fine. If everyone's having fun, then everything is working well. The real problem, as ...


To answer your specific question about the impact on game balance, my suggestion would be to first break down some of the core Arcane Backgrounds into their component parts to provide a better point of reference. The way I handled this in Savage Arcanum was as follows: Magic 3 Powers (+2): You begin with 3 powers instead of 1. 10 Power Points (+1): You ...


There is no rule that exists for the knowledge astronomy domain, however- as a DM or as a player it would make sense and be fair to houserule that the skill can be used to determine time, season, and heading. That's reasonable, but the trick is to keep it realistic.

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