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That will depend on how you define "useful." The SRD states that in addition to the skills you've mentioned, Intelligence may also be used to Communicate with a creature without using words Estimate the value of a precious item Pull together a disguise to pass as a city guard Forge a document Recall lore about a craft or trade Win a game of skill Which ...


A large part of why Intelligence seems lackluster compared to other abilities is that its usefulness is highly DM-dependent. Knowledge skills can either reveal critical information on enemies or the plot, or it can reveal fluff. Investigation falls victim to this because many checks that should fall under it instead get lumped in with Perception instead. ...


In the context of min-maxing the ability of your character to kill lots of monsters, it is indeed useless unless you are a caster. Although previous versions had various supplements that allowed you to use Int for combat, I have no doubt that similar things will soon materialize for 5e if the system proves popular and profitable. However there is more to ...


Intelligence is the stat used for many of the checks for using tools to craft items, so can have good use for a non-combat character.

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