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A similar question about monk abilities and spells is answered here. Basically, monks are spellcasters, and they should probably be providing some kind of material component. However, a piece of fleece literally costs nothing For the other spells, a monk (and all other classes) can use a component pouch, which provides all material components for 25gp.


I'd say it works in these three ways Sword and shield. Drops weapon/stabs into ground (1 free action) then casts spell (1 action). Using magic bond, picks up weapon (1 bonus action). This example prevents players shield bashing for free or having a high AC with no set back to versatility between weapons and magic. Two handed weapon. Same as first. I would ...


I am surprised to see nobody mentioned the problem of taking the components from the pouch. If in a middle of a fight you suddenly need your amber rod, you have to fetch it in your pouch. It takes a free action, but you need to be able to do it, witch may not be the case (for example if you are holding something in both your hands or are polymorphed)


No, Major Creation works like Minor Creation, which states: Attempting to use any created object as a material component causes the spell to fail. You can create your diamond dust, but that dust cannot be used as material component for spells. You could probably attempt to sell it, make some money, and then use it to buy non-magical diamond dust. But ...


I would allow somebody who is using a Versatile weapon to release one hand to cast a spell, I wouldn't let them do it with a full 2H weapon. That's just me though.

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