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Because they are silly and ridiculous in a game setting where players generally try to take the fictional world seriously. It was part of an unfortunate trend at the time to put things that were generally considered "silly" into otherwise coherent milieus - the greater outrage was a year earlier when WG7 Castle Greyhawk turned out to be a huge megamodule ...


The Complete Spacefarer's Handbook talks a bit about integrating Ravenloft into Spelljammer. It explicitely states that Ravenloft does not exist in a crystal sphere and may not be reached through the Phlogiston. The Mists, however, sometimes reach into wildspace and can trap a spelljamming vessel. Those become trapped in the Demiplane of Dread and have no ...


I think the two things you have to do "manually" are monsters and treasure conversion, which will actually probably be more of a "re-imagining" than a conversion. That can be fairly labor intensive, though, and I don't know a way around it. Using the compendium and monster builder can definitely help in tracking down and/or creating equivalent monsters, ...


Apparently there was an entire book on the topic of Krynnspace. There's since been a fan book updating that material. The Dragonlance FAQ confirms the connection. So Krynn looks pretty accessible, assuming you want that in your game.


That answer is obvious. Yes, because it would be awesome. But leaving again would have to be tremendously hard, like the goal of a long adventure arc. If it was easy to get out, it wouldn't really be Ravenloft anymore, would it.


Ravenloft was the "Demiplane of Dread" -demiplanes being miniatures worlds that exist in the fog of the Ethereal Plane (not the Prime Material Plane, that is the main "universe" which had Crystal Spheres in it). It would be easy to imagine that there could be a crystal sphere somewhere which had a permanent portal to Ravenloft, though. I imagine it would ...


There's been nothing announced from WotC, so my guess is that we won't see much. It's entirely possible that they'd be interested in publishing a Dungeon article on the setting, though.


Adding to Bryant's through answer, I would add the series of Spelljammer novels, the Cloakmaster cycle, starts with a Spelljamming ship crashing on Krynn. The bit about high level characters being forbidden by the gods of Krynn is mentioned in the Dragonlance sourcebook for 2nd ed, but unless your party is already above 18th level I don't see how that ...


Spelljamming ships have appeared in Living Forgotten Realms adventures (I think there's a sunken one that the players can rescue in Core2-2, Rising of the Dark) as well as the Plane Above and the Plane Below sourcebooks. The Rock of Bral itself is still one of the tears of Selune. There's still no official word on a return of the Spelljammer setting or ...


It's as easy as you want it to be. It's your game. On a more helpful note, I can only echo what others have said; as I recall, Krynnspace is one of the major locales in Spelljammer, so that would suggest that it's not difficult to reach.


What I would do to convert 2e material to 4e, is not work from the point of view of conversion, as much as making the best analogues I can using what 4e gives. For instance, taking a 2e Druid and converting it to a 4e Druid of the same level wouldn't work at all - they're entirely different character types. A 2e Druid is really a 4e Cleric (unsurprising, as ...


I think that post-Dragons of the Summer Flame there was some sort of shakeup regarding Krynn's place in the cosmology, preventing access to the crystal sphere by spelljamming vessels. However, I can't find a source for this claim. I thought it might have been in On Hallowed Ground, but I seem to have been mistaken.


They are pretty different games. I don't think there is a way to convert from one to the other, at least not low-effort - you'd need to sub in appropriate level 4e monsters, but NPCs will be a bear.


I cannot cite a source for you, but I recall this as well. Golden rule is trump here: if you want to go, you can (even if no-one else can).


For as far that I know, Wizards of the Coast have no intention to cover the Spelljammer setting. The only content that I may point you to is that published with the Manual of the Planes (Spelljammer ships).


As far as I know they are holding on to the licencing agreement at WotC which may mean that they want to do something with it some day. But since they've announced that Ravenloft is going to be their next campaign setting (released summer 2011), the best we can hope for, at least for a couple of years, are web enhancements and sidebars in publications. I ...


It's a one-way trip. The mists grab you from the phlogiston, and land you in the demi-plane as usual. Exiting, however... And, once there, the powers should make certain that weather prevents departure...

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