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The Wikipedia article has a lot of detail on this subject, but here are some of the highlights (cribbed directly from the article): Standard hit points have replaced the former Wounds/Vitality system. Characters also have a Condition Track which measures how much they are currently impaired. The number of character classes have been reduced to five — Jedi, ...


The d20 class rules are flexible enough that there isn't much need for specific classes by faction; class determines professional skills. (It's a design principle of d20 that anything focused enough to be faction-specific should be a prestige class. Officers of any military could have Noble levels, for example... when you get right down to it, being a scout ...


Approximately? Not a whole lot. Within canon and non-canon sources, holocrons are frequently seen being held easily in one hand or tossed around, implying that they do not weigh very much at all. My best guess would be less than 5lbs. Probably less than 1. Holocrons appear to fit within a cube roughly 6 inches on a side and be made with a mostly hollow ...


You aren't going to be able to find an accurate weight for holocrons since they don't have a standard size; they are made in differing shapes so their sizes will vary to a degree, but are still generally considered to be able to be held in one hand. Even in Jedi Academy where they are listed, they aren't listed with a weight and its description isn't good ...


Yes, you're correct. Using a dual-bladed weapon without substantial penalties requires the Two-Weapon Fighting feat in SWD20. The rulebook specifically mentions it in the case of dual-bladed lightsabers, noting that the off-hand blade counts as a light weapon for calculating the penalties.


Mechanics-wise, there were a number of changes, mostly small. several new species were added, and a couple were redefined. There was the addition of the Tech Specialist class, very similar to the Artificer class from Eberron. Most of the other changes were altered in some small way, and better balanced. A couple of skills were added, and the Force Skill ...


James Gillen's review of the SAGA edition on is a quite thorough and comparative piece. (SAGA seems better, imo.)


From my experience, I've never seen anything like a "stormtrooper" class or similar. I think most of the Imperials would be either Soldiers, Nobles, Scouts, or Fringers.

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