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Approximately? Not a whole lot. Within canon and non-canon sources, holocrons are frequently seen being held easily in one hand or tossed around, implying that they do not weigh very much at all. My best guess would be less than 5lbs. Probably less than 1. Holocrons appear to fit within a cube roughly 6 inches on a side and be made with a mostly hollow ...


Unfortunately they haven't put the ability to add more hard points to a ship into the game yet. The closest they came to it was the Age of Rebellion: Stay on Target book. The Ace class Rigger career allows you to pick a signature ship for like 15 xp. Which allows you to upgrade all mechanics checks on the signature ship. Though I don't consider these guys to ...


One reason: Droid PCs can buy the specs and the force sensitive only talents, but gain no benefit from those talents.

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