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Pulling Out of Their Grasp Per the control upgrade on Force and Destiny Beta p210: "The Force user gains the ability to pull objects off secure mountings or from an opponent's grasp." There is no roll against most enemies. However… Opposed Force Power Checks Page 195 of Force and Destiny Beta says: When a Player Character or powerful Non-Player ...


IMO, the real point of Obligation is to have the player identify certain areas to the GM that can be used as plot hooks to help make the story more interesting. If you're not willing to go chasing after the people who killed your little sister (or have them come chasing after you in order to get you off their back), then maybe you don't want to list that as ...


fgysin is correct that those battledroids were networked. And that ship was destroyed which shut down all those droids. To the best of my knowledge, no one ever made that mistake again. Getting back to the original point, I'm not aware of anyone doing any wireless hacking on droids in the EU. That's not to say that it couldn't be done, and the GM might ...


I'm still looking for the sidebar where I thought I read the answer on this issue, but initial scans of EotE and F&D have not turned up anything. For now, I will give you a quote from Sam Stewart, Senior RPG Producer at Fantasy Flight Games (and the top guy at FFG for all issues related to the Star Wars Role Playing Games): You are correct, none of ...


IMO, it's an NPC ship, so the standard PC rules don't apply. But if you did want to build it as a PC ship, then you could apply the various talents from AoR Rigger in addition to other Technician or Bounty Hunter talents, and you could get there.


I would be inclined to do an opposed roll, against the holder's Athletics skill, or perhaps Coordination. I believe that Force and Destiny has some specifics on this.

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