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Like Dragonsdoom, I found increasing the xp needed to level up helped. But instead of just a flat increase, I changed it to cost 1xp per point increase on the dice. Players would wait until they got close to all sixes before spending the xp since upgrading a die from 1 to six costs (1+2+3+4+5) 15 points but upgrading a 5 to a 6 only costs 5xp. The cost ...


Similar to the answer by Zachiel, I would like to point to some website to help with the answer: Troll dice roller On the upper right part you see a drop down menu, select "Shadowrun5 Opposed test with Limit". Or select "Shadowrun 5 with glitches and opt. rule of 6" and expand it to include an opposed roll. Since it is possible to store your own ...

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