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Yes. A 1d100 and a 2d10 share the same probability chances. A 1d100 die, and 2d10 both have equal opportunities to represent numbers from 1-100. The 1d100 can display numbers 1-100, and the 2d10 can display the numbers 00-99. (In some games, a 0 on both dice is interpreted as "100" instead of "0". In this interpretation, the 2d10 displays 1-100, just like ...


From a purely mathematical standpoint; these are not equal concepts. Assuming fair forms of dice, a d100 is a pure set where each face equals its face value in probability. So, 55 on a d100 equals 55% chance of hitting 55 or lower (which is the primary point of % methods - "at or lower"). 2d10's has two main schools of thought: one holds that 90 on the tens ...

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