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Passive is "10 + all modifiers that normally apply to the check" so your original calculation is correct. Also "If the character has advantage on the check, add 5. For disadvantage, subtract 5"


You could use Miniaturization, so that your belt buckle projects some sort of force field. The Proteus mod is great for things that transform into other things, which to me always felt like a vehicle kind of property. In a way it's realistic: armor looks bulky, or makes noise, or sticks out.


First off what the rogue is doing may be unnecessary as all he need to do to satisfy the conditions for a sneak attack is to have an ally within five feet of the target. A surprise attack only one way to generate a sneak attack on a target. Second the Rogue is not able to hide behind a PC due to the following rule on page 60 of the 5e Basic Player rules. ...


You are correct, generally, you cannot hide behind another PC or creature and make a stealth check. However, lightfoot halflings can (they make great rogues for this reason) if the creature is one size larger than them (which includes medium sized PCs). The skulker feat though, does not allow hiding behind PCs. It allows hiding in "lightly obscured" areas, ...

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