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The other answer is correct, you can do this. If you think about it though it is because you are giving up your action to do so. In normal movement you can give up your action to move 60' instead of 30'. When moving silently you can give up your action to move 30' rather than 15'. You are still moving at half the speed you would otherwise.


Yes, kinda. This means that you are moving half speed during whatever action you use to move. If you move one move action, you need to move half speed - in other words, every 5' of movement costs you 10' of movement. If you have a 30' move, then yes, you can use two move actions while moving at half speed during each, moving 30' total in the round and ...


'Staying hidden while attacking' and 'hiding immediately after a ranged attack' (sniping) are different actions which are not mutually exclusive It's practically impossible (-20 penalty) to hide while attacking... (PHB 76) But you are allowed to try. The Hide skill does not forbid attempting this for a ranged attack, so you may attempt this ...


The purpose of the rule You should always ask why a rule exists before discussing how the rule should work. This "hiding again requires a move action" rule assumes that you have both a standard action and a move action, so it is assuming that you are sniping during a normal combat round, and its purpose is to forbid you from moving "extra" when you are ...

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