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1930 Air Transport: Not much civil aviation. but rapidly growing; the 1932 DC3 will revolutionize air travel. Military aviation branching into three fields: Bombers, Transports, and Fighters; scout planes also used. Airships (Zeppelins, mostly) provide commercial long distance air travel. ...


Privateer Press published Iron Kingdoms, a d20 campaign setting which mixed fantasy and steampunk elements. The most useful sourcebook for a general steampunk game would be Liber Mechanika. It contains an arcane mechanik class along with rules for creating the arcane machines.


Wikipedia is pretty good for this sort of thing. In their article on the 1930s, there's a subsection specifically devoted to technology which lists of of the advances of that decade. Changing the year in the URL easily gives us the 1920s, 1910s, etc.. Granted some of the tech they list is more mundane than you're interested in (e.g. toasters, zippers) but ...


There are certain aspects of Eberron which I think fall into the "Steampunk" category - you could probably mine that campaign setting for some good ideas.


Depending on what kinds of Technology you are looking for there is a broad range of material available. DragonMech (Goodman Games) has a definite fantasy flavor but has rules to add massive mecha. Although mecha is not a purely steampunk element it is present in many steampunk stories and games. Etherscope (Goodman Games) has rules for a more traditional ...


Also interesting, the failure modes behind the same technologies. In the first World War, soldiers would creep behind enemy lines to snip telegraph wires. Since Zeppelins are probably powered by magic, a clever spy could use a ring of flight and a Dispel Magic scroll to blow one out of the sky. Instead of every engineer walking around with a calculator, or ...


There are two I can recommend: Mongoose's OGL Steampunk and Goodman Games' Etherscope. The first is more generic, while the second develops its own custom setting, but both are decent d20 adaptations of the genre.


Have a look at Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials he has an alternative modern history with some good names for modern technologies.


To me, it is more interesting to imagine how magic makes technology better. For instance how much faster would a train be if the boiler was magically reinforced? Also, this question relies on how ubiquitous magic is. If magic is common, then nearly every item can be enhanced by magic. Otherwise, magically enhanced technology would be the domain of the rich. ...


For a while I tried Sorcery & Steam but found that it was really just a re-skinning of magic items. There are rules for building steampunk-esque equipment in the World of Warcraft d20 rulebook, which seemed interesting, though I've yet to play them. It allows a character a lot of flexibility in designing and building a custom item, without it being too ...

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