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The Storyteller system is a d10-pool-based system with the following characteristics:

A character had three sets of attributes; Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. Each set had three individual attributes within it. For instance, Physical had Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina. Attributes were typically rated from 1 to 5.

Characters also had skills, also rated from 1 to 5. In a typical roll, the GM (or Storyteller) would call for a roll from a player.

For example: A character is on a motorcycle, trying to catch his rival who has stolen something important. To successfully chase the rival down an alley strewn with debris, sleeping hobos, and dumpsters might call for a roll on Dexterity+Driving vs. a difficulty factor - let's say a 6. If the player has Dexterity:3 and Driving:2, the player will roll 5 d10s. Any dice that roll 6 or higher count as successes, others are failures. In most rolls, 3 successes count as a full success, with fewer meaning less complete achievement.

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