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Nothing in the rules say that the Eidolon is controlled as a player character. It says it is following the rules of a Summoned creature as per Summoned Monster, but that says they attack and follow the summoner's verbal commands. The extra details of Life Link and so on, none of that indicates control either. An obvious problem is that Eidlons speak and ...


If you break concentration it becomes hostile and might attack you From the invisible stalker entry under Directed Hunter, "...forced to serve until the magic that binds it expires". The magic that binds it is Conjure Elemental and when you lose concentration that magic expires. Then we go to Conjure Elemental which says, " lose control of the ...


No From Magic Overview ► Conjuration: A creature or object brought into being or transported to your location by a conjuration spell cannot appear [...] floating in an empty space. This line was almost-certainly added specifically to eliminate the tactic you’re describing.

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