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The RAW is unclear, there is no developer commentary on this subject that I can find, and the community opinion seems to be somewhat divided (though somewhat favoring “yes, it basically makes that case 1d3+1”). Demonstration of community opinion: Superior Summoning Question—exactly this question. Thread unanimously agrees that you get the extra creature ...


Typically, every creature fought gives experience. However, certain effects (especially summoning) can be exceptions. In general, experience is not awarded because a creature used its abilities. If Goblin A called for help and two more goblins came, those goblins award full exp. If Goblin A used an alchemical item to attract a pair of wolves in the area ...


No The GMG has a bit near the XP table that explains summoned creatures don't count as they are already included in the CR. There's an example that if the caster had used a fireball instead of summoning it wouldn't change CR.

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