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In addition to Hey I Can Chan's good explanation about reality plus, I wanted to add point of view from the reality side. Personally, I like to think how roleplaying mechanics mirror our reality, how they would map there. And in this case, from reality's point of view, the question is upside down. While we are throwing dice, it is reasonable to think that ...


There is always an option to handle such interaction in third person rather than the first. Describing the actions and words of the NPC will feel a lot less awkward than acting it out, especially so if the NPC isn't of your own gender.


Yes. Just tell them the story about what happens, taking their character's normal behaviour into account, and only play the interesting parts. Better is to do the same but allow them input and ask for clarification as you tell them and just decide what the results of their actions are to fit the story.


Building on Erik's excellent answer, here's a way to very precisely approximate large die pools using only about 25% of the dice: If the number of dice is not a multiple of 4, set aside 1 to 3 dice to make it so. Roll 1/4 of the dice, add them up, and double the result. Add half of the expected average of the original roll to the result. Roll the extra ...

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