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Let him roll out a character class dwarf warrior with the job description who likes to hunt big animals, so he can play a bad ass warrior but may roleplay/act like a big game hunter. I would not stick to much to the rules here.


In short: Let him do what he wants to do, but guide him and help him with your knowledge. Make sure he understands what the chosen profession/class means and what things it offers Long Answer: First off, those kinds of learning experiences are actually good for him. He has a certain thing in mind that he would like to play, so why hinder him? in DSA ...


It sounds to me like you need to discuss with him that this is your playstyle therefore this is the class you really want even if you don't think so right now. Then go on to explain if he wants to play a different class that his play style needs to adjust to the roles that class offers.

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