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Yes, assuming you're playing with the latest errata An implement proficiency now works with all powers that have the implement keyword, regardless of source. This was an important change in the errata and may be printed differently if you are relying on only the PHB. (Citation needed)


Yes. This is basic "how do I read 4e" stuff. Things that are relevant here (and there is a lot going on in this question so I'll try to handle it all) are: If the power with which you conjure a conjuration has the implement keyword, then all of its attacks get the benefits of your implement. All of its powers work with your bonuses as if you were the one ...


Outlaw goes great with Ranger, and it is quite powerful. The encounter power of Outlaw requires a weapon at-will attack power, which you should be using anyway (Twin Strike), and combat advantage that you have from frost cheese. The daze is only good of course if you do not kill the target on your first turn. Also it is easy to explain in the background. A ...


I don't see a reason why not. From Blackstaff Apprentice, Blackstaff Apprentice Starting Feature (1st level): You gain the magic missile power if you do not already have it. Once per encounter you can use magic missile as a minor action instead of a standard action. Wizard's Fury says Prerequisite: You must know the magic missile at-will wizard ...

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