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The debuff would last 10 rounds. Basic Rules p.69: A round represents about 6 seconds in the game world. During a round, each participant in a battle takes a turn. 6 seconds for a round, and the round consists of all the turns in that round.


Your assumption of RAW is correct. You would upon scoring a critical hit and them failing their save, paralyze them for one round. The round starts on your initiative count and the paralysis ends just before your following initiative count. The benefit is that while you yourself aren't deriving a benefit from the paralysis, the targeted creature loses ...


I have played two sessions of Montsegur 1244. The first one, with 5 players, took a good 4:30, the second with only three players stayed well under 3:30 and included a significant break in the middle. There are two main factors: Number of players… The number of scenes is roughly proportional to the number of players, with some acts correcting the number of ...


There are some forum discussions on various sites on the Internet, such as this one, but notice that it is a similar topic but the original asker there is asking "how many fights per session can you comfortably fit in". If you really mean to focus on the game-time to real-time ratio, that may be harder to find, since that can range from 1-second-per-turn (...

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