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Four (Base rules) Five (Including hero point rules) Ten (Or unlimited) (Including hero point and mythic rules) (In one round) You can: Cast a spell via a standard action Cast a spell via a swift action (Quicken spell et al.) Cast/activate a spell from a contingency As a magus use your offhand to attack with a weapon and activate a spell storing weapon ...


It depends on what spells you are trying to cast. Some spells have an extended casting time that can last for several rounds(such as the Masterwork Spell[can't remember the real name]). However there are both normal spells(like Burning Hands) and quick spells (such as Cheetah Sprint). Since you have 1 movement action, 1 standard action, 1 quick/swift action ...


Using the optional Hero Point rules, you are able to cast 3 spells per round. 1 Spell with a Swift or Immediate action casting time such as Stone Shield or via the Quicken Spell Metamagic Feat 1 Spell via a Standard Action 1 Spell via a Hero Point Standard Action.

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