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Not really There is no official way to change or augment the list of disciplines that a given class offers. Can’t prove a negative, but Tome of Battle was one of the last books published, and its material is referenced almost nowhere outside itself (Dragons of Eberron is the only book I know of that does so). Tome of Battle, itself, certainly has nothing of ...


Yes, so long as it does not require its own action Using emerald razor is a standard action; you cannot apply its benefit to any other type of action, or to another standard action. So no emerald razor on a charge or whatever. But it is still a weapon attack, and everything that would benefit just any weapon attack applies to it. That includes both Power ...


Class features that two classes share (such as uncanny dodge) accrue at the rate of the faster class. Both rogue and swordsage grant swordsage initiator level, rogue at one every two levels, swordsage every level. You go with the faster one, i.e. swordsage, and end up with 6.

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