For questions about using an online or offline tool in preparing or running a RPG.

Role-playing games can benefit from tools and utilities that make playing or running the game easier. Such tools could be a device, software, online service, physical play aides, or other tools used for a specific purpose in relationship to roleplaying games that is not part of the ruleset for a given RPG. A tool could be anything from “the Obsidian Portal campaign wiki website” to “a binder full of hex paper and preparation notes” to “the document called the Same Page Tool.”

Note that questions asking for a tool recommendation are off topic at RPG.se. To solve such problems, ask how instead of what: “How can I do X?” is a topical question, while “What tool will do X?” is not. The idea is to lay out the problem to be solved and ask for help, instead of preemptively assuming the solution is a tool and asking for recommended ones.

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