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It seems that you have to be a Mentor to do this: you can find the relevant script discussed here and available for download here (or at the top of the discussion, in the previous link). The discussion in the first link includes tips and comments for adapting the script to other systems.


The &{tracker} syntax to automatically roll a token into the turn tracker does not work for multiple selected tokens. As you've discovered, only one of the selected tokens will be added. Your only options are to roll each token separately (which shouldn't take too long if you've got a macro set up), or use the API, which can easily add multiple objects ...


The tool you use depends alot on the game you are running. I've experimented alot. These are true for me, but your milage may vary. Keep it all in your head Not as bad as you might think. I've run a few campaigns this way. It is particularly good for sandbox-y games. The Human mind is a great thing, and what is the point keeping notes if you never refer ...


As CarlCravens said, This isn't an oversight: All campaign source books and player guides files have to be added to the sources list manually. Dervish Dance is in the Inner Sea World Guide file. Open your character, go to menu Sources -> Select Sources, Advanced tab, open the Paizo Publishing section and add the ISWG to your sources.


The maps, especially the ones for Skyreach castle are quite huge. The best two things you can and should do is cut them into separate maps. There are three maps in each image, use any image editor (even paint would work here), to cut them apart and upload them separately. Second, use the zoom in and out functions here, this is not too huge for R20 to ...


If you roll from the character sheet, you should be able to hit the 'up' key in the chat box to see what the character sheet macro actually entered automatically for you (hitting 'up' in the chatbox refills the chatbox with the previous submission). You can copy and paste that into a custom-made macro to create a macro with the same effect, and can then ...


Try spray on olive oil. Seemed to do the trick for me.


The tools for 4th edition will stay online as long a people continue to pay for them. D&D insider will continue to be a subscription service for 4th edition content (compendium, character builder, Dungeon and Dragon mags) only. The digital tools for 5th edition are being developed seperately by a company called Trap Door Technologies (TDT). The website ...


The latest information we have is that D&D Insider will remain for 4e as long as there are enough people to support it. For 5e, for now, digital tools will exist in the form of www.dungeonscape.com

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