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If you have access to the 1e AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide, pages 215 and 216 have some simple games your players can play. If you don't, my two favorite games that are easy to learn are Acey Deucey and Horse, which I used to play in the Navy. Acey Deucey. (Uses a 52 card deck, no jokers) Ante Up. (All players). Turn up two cards. Make a bet. (post ...


Games involving dice were incredibly common in medieval settings. Dice in those times were created using animal bones with smoothed out surfaces. The history of dice games however go even farther back, into the B.C. years. So you could reasonably create any kind of dice game and put it on as a gambling mechanic in a Medieval "Casino". You could also ...


Below are some gambling games that I've tried in my games [source]. I like these because they are not too overly complicated, but they introduce actual gambling into the game that makes things fun if you're looking to add some color to a town setting. When referring to dice, I generally use six-siders so as not to have to screw with the odds, but feel free ...


I laminate 8-1/2 x 11 sheets with 1" grid printed on them and use them as "battle sheets." You can draw up many locations ahead of time and do other ones on the fly, keep them in a binder and lay them out (overlapping) as party enters new areas, then remove old ones as they recede into the background. Each sheet may only represent a small chamber, a half a ...


Gridmapper is a web tool. You can draw the map using your keyboard, which is what makes it fast for me. If you're sitting in different locations, then the mapper can set it to "auto save" and everbody else sets it to "auto load" and it should work, too -- with some lag. Your map will end up saved on a wiki.


Gingko App is a tree of cards. Ideal for microscope! https://gingkoapp.com/microscope-RPG Note that I'm the developer, but it's use for microscope was pointed out to me by a customer (see darkliquid's comment below). Here's an example (with a custom theme):

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