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Go to the Query Category page on Scabard. Just enter the category you are interested in and click "Search" It will return all pages across all campaigns that have that category, sorted by campaign score. Here is an example searching for 'City': Full disclosure: I am the developer of Scabard and just created this page in response to this question. I ...


Seeing as a route for the Event list for a specific campaign is formatted as :scabard/campaign/campaign_id/event, one can try to check if the site follows a RESTful scheme, and try this route to list all events - http://scabard.com/event . And indeed it works, listing all the events in the system. Given that there are no direct links to the page in the site ...


Your best bet is to download the System Reference Documents for 3.5, and copy paste them yourself. It's a little labor intensive, but it does mean that you have the formatting just how you like.


Appropriate software for this sort of interactive map display does exist. If you're willing to use the official Traveller universe's map data, you can find an interactive version at http://travellermap.com If you want to use your own map data, it is possible to use the site's API to display custom map data instead of the OTU map: The content to render ...


If you're willing to spend money on this, I have heard really good things about ProFantasy Software, and they do have a Cosmographer 3 expansion to their Campaign Cartographer 3 program.


I have a very old battlemat that I just took out of storage. It sat for years with marker on the mat and some baby-wipes cleaned up almost all of the marker residue. I can't say for sure what types of markers were used but the mat was last used about TEN years ago. The ink was almost instantly removed. First it smeared but then the smears cleaned right ...


This sounds like the Chaotic Shiny Civilization Generator. The customisation of the generator used to be finer-grained and appears to have been reduced since I last used it, but it still generates all the categories you mention.

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