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This sounds like the Chaotic Shiny Civilization Generator. The customisation of the generator used to be finer-grained and appears to have been reduced since I last used it, but it still generates all the categories you mention.


If you use Excel then you can get pretty close without any macros. Excel online has the functionality and it is free - you just need a free Microsoft account with OneDrive. Of course the full version will work too if you have that. Google Drive spreadsheets will also work. Download the database. If you're using Excel online or Google docs, upload. Open the ...


This OGL compliant database is arranged in a spreadsheet and already tagged with pretty much all of the reasonable criteria in a variety of ways. Of your criteria, it is missing tall v.s. long as an explicit quantity, but it has both Size, Space, and Reach so you should be able to emulate that pretty easily. In order to actually use the thing, however, ...


The item is an Officemate slim clipboard storage box. It's sold at Amazon for $14.99, and comes in different colors (some of them are discounted, so price varies). Thanks to @Greenstone Walker, because your answer gave me an idea of the search terms to look for the clipboard in Amazon.


I've been using a translucent clipboard box, like the ones at this link. The one I have doesn't actually have a clipboard insie - just a box. It is thick enough to hold character sheets and dice and pencils. It won't hold rulebooks (well, it might hold just the PHB) but it wil hold the Starter Set books (like LMoP). The box isn't rigid enough to write on, ...


This looks like a type of file holder - you can get them from office supply sites like Office Depot or Staples and similar. You may also find them in stores that carry office or school supplies. You may also want to look at "portable desks" which tend to have a small box for holding pages, writing utensils as well as a clipboard on the top which is ...

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