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The missing category name is natural abilities According to the Player's Handbook, the category natural abilities includes abilities a creature has because of its physical nature, such as a bird’s ability to fly. Natural abilities are those not otherwise designated as extraordinary, supernatural, or spell-like. (180) So all of those things that aren't ...


Unfortunately, WotC has always been inconsistent in applying their [Su], [Ex] and [Sp] tags to creature special attacks and abilities. I can recall reading somewhere (but this is a second hand information at most) that the original idea was to have a fourth tag for natural capabilities, but how is the Solar's spellcasting abilities (infamously not listed in ...


I have used vim, git, and LaTeX for just that and more: character sheets and backgrounds as well as world backgrounds and in-game notes. LaTeX is used by writers and RPG geeks and does allow you to create some really nice layouts. Vim is a simple editor but there are other different editors that you can use if you do not like vim. The main advantage of vim ...


The Torchbearer GM screen I'm pretty sure that is the Torchbearer screen, as seen in this image. Torchbearer is a game based on the Burning Wheel system, written to evoke the real sense of danger and especially scarcity in dungeon-delving.

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