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Try spray on olive oil. Seemed to do the trick for me.


The tools for 4th edition will stay online as long a people continue to pay for them. D&D insider will continue to be a subscription service for 4th edition content (compendium, character builder, Dungeon and Dragon mags) only. The digital tools for 5th edition are being developed seperately by a company called Trap Door Technologies (TDT). The website ...


The latest information we have is that D&D Insider will remain for 4e as long as there are enough people to support it. For 5e, for now, digital tools will exist in the form of www.dungeonscape.com


Overviews Given that this is mostly political, instead of tracking all the trivial ones, I would summarize general overviews for a day, or week, or month, depending on the scale of time you're working on. Tracking all the minor ones seems like a lot of work for little payoff, and odds are just as likely you're going to end up with a lot of situations ...


Check out nanDECK. It's a nifty software specifically for laying out decks of cards or sheets of counters using a relatively easy scripting language (and optionally a CSV or Excel file for the card data). The tutorials are easy to follow, and highlight the features well. It's for Windows only, but I've successfully run it under Wine on Linux (though the ...


Hero Lab is the premier character generation software for Pathfinder (and a variety of other game systems). It's commercial and costs more than PCGen but it's also way more usable. You have to buy content packs, and it can get expensive to get them all, but they have the content available for all new Paizo books (and some third party) available at or very ...


PCGen is a completely free Open Source character generator and maintenance program, and can do what you are looking for. And even a bit more. I personally use it for GMing a group of six very different characters, print out their character sheets, and I also can create monsters with unique abilities, having additional levels in various classes etc. The ...

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