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Around February of 2015 the chummer5 code was cloned and is under fairly active development. The software is now titled chummer5a and seems like a fairly comprehensive choice, having tons of (extensible and updatable) source data and multiple export options for simple data output to full sheets. No, I am not affiliated.


The missing category name is natural abilities According to the Player's Handbook, the category natural abilities includes abilities a creature has because of its physical nature, such as a bird’s ability to fly. Natural abilities are those not otherwise designated as extraordinary, supernatural, or spell-like. (180) So all of those things that aren't ...


Unfortunately, WotC has always been inconsistent in applying their [Su], [Ex] and [Sp] tags to creature special attacks and abilities. I can recall reading somewhere (but this is a second hand information at most) that the original idea was to have a fourth tag for natural capabilities, but how is the Solar's spellcasting abilities (infamously not listed in ...


I have used vim, git, and LaTeX for just that and more: character sheets and backgrounds as well as world backgrounds and in-game notes. LaTeX is used by writers and RPG geeks and does allow you to create some really nice layouts. Vim is a simple editor but there are other different editors that you can use if you do not like vim. The main advantage of vim ...

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