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During Whodunit Sessions In all GUMSHOE games, since there is a strong investigative element, the players will often be engaged in long "what is going on" discussions. (as in 15 minutes if you're lucky, hours if you're not!) Use these either opportunistically as they come up, or at the end of each chapter say "this would be a good time for everyone to ...


As you noted, when your Health drops below 0 (zero) -- considered Hurt -- you must make a Consciousness Roll although you'll automatically succeed if you've only dropped to -1. If you suffer further harm and see your Health drop to -6 or lower -- considered Seriously Wounded -- you must make another Consciousness Roll. According to the 2nd edition of The ...


With Trail specifically I would put each Mythos tome the group acquires on its own index card. Have the players consult and update them during the breaks, noting specific things they find about and within each book, keeping track of who read each one, et c. Also, try to schedule these breaks for times that the action has paused, and the characters are ...


They passed the Stability check, so they need to narrate how they fit the monstrosity into the pillar.


Pillars of Sanity crumble when an investigator loses 3 points of Sanity. The only time an investigator would lose Sanity from failing a Stability check is if a Mythos shock lowers Stability below 0 (per page 74 of the Player's Guide). You said the test succeeded, so unless the player spent enough Stability on the test to go that low, the rules don't require ...


According to one of the writers of Eternal Lies, Will Hindmarch, it can be run with 3, but you'll want to start with fewer enemies in each of the actions scenes and "call in reinforcements" as needed.

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