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Rigging a live-capture trap shouldn't be difficult The Arms and Equipment Guide describes the cage: A typical cage consists of a solid metal or wooden top and bottom, solid metal bars equally spaced around the sides, and a door. It has a latch, but any lock must be purchased separately. (21) Cages come in Diminutive (10 gp; 13 lbs.), Tiny (15 gp; 25 ...


The 'trap' part of a cage trap is just the locking/one-way door, which is well documented in numerous dungeon modules. One reason you may be having trouble finding the rules for this is because the one-way-door variety of trap is not a 'trap' in the 3.5 rules; it is a door, probably a grate. As the SRD notes well, Doors in dungeons are much more than ...


Within the trap rules, you would create a magic trap utilizing the 3.5 spell Hold Person, using the normal rules for setting up activation, concealment and Search DCs, Triggering conditions, and the like. Hold person allows for you to immobilize a creature while keeping it alive similar to a modern cage trap or a bear trap.


Any live catch inside your cage trap can spend its time attacking the cage. A steel cage has a hardness of 10, so any creature that can deal at least 11 melee damage will eventually break the trap by attacking it. This makes it difficult to catch large animals with cages (though small animals would be okay). Technically you could make a cage out of ...

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