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No, you can't use spells that target creatures on vehicles. A vehicle is not a creature.


(GM here) No, you may not cast Pass Without a Trace on a sandship that is not specifically outfitting for stealthy movement. Especially since stealth sand ships exist. The Ranger (not OP) asked two questions: 1. Can she use her ranger ability to get the party through difficult terrain (she has desert as favored terrain) with the boat to hide their tracks ...


Yes, conceivably You can conceal a vehicle's tracks with magic, especially if the spell can be cast on an object. Your question specifically asks whether magic can help a vehicle "to hide its tracks" which is maybe not what folks think of when they see "stealth." This answers the question specifically about making it harder for pursuers to follow your ...


I think it is worth taking this one back to first principles (PHB p.6): How to Play The DM describes the environment. The players describe what they want to do. The DM narrates the results of the adventurers’ actions. The environment consists of a desert and a boat-like vehicle. The players want to hide its tracks. The PHB (p. 183) has ...

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