Game system created by Exile Game Studios for the Hollow Earth Expedition RPG. Also used for Desolation, All for One: Regime Diabolique, and Leagues of Adventure. Designed to be fast, unobtrusive, and easy to learn. Uses any even-sided die types.

Ubiquity is a roleplaying game system designed by Jeff Combos and used to power Exile Game Studios flagship game of Heroic Pulp Adventure, Hollow Earth Expedition. It has subsequently been licensed to Greymalkin Designs for a post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG called Desolation, and to Triple Ace Games for a Musketeers RPG set in a supernatural France, All for One: Regime Diabolique.

The system uses any die type with an even number of sides, and uses them as D2s; 50/50 chance of success per die. Difficulty is modified by modifiers to die pools, and numbers of successes required. Ubiquity dice designed to speed the reading of results and minimize the size of die pools are available, but are not required.

Characters are built from a pool of points assigned to Attributes and Skills, with a small number of derived stats. Characters and special NPCs have access to Style Points which can provide in-play benefits at the players' discretion.

The system lends itself to fast resolution of tasks with results tending toward the cinematic end of the realism scale.

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