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I have to say, if the party performs a short rest, I'd allow the unconscious character to gain 1 HP and get up (regardless of what they rolled on that d4), but I wouldn't allow them to use Hit Dice. I figure the group can spend more time tending to the wounded and, in effect, aid her recovery. In meta-game terms, it forces the party to take that short ...


As others have already stated, it is against RAW to be able to strictly heal the character in this situation. However, it seems like from your post that you're worried primarily about giving your players too-cheap ways to regain hit points, and the future ramifications caused by your slight rule changes to allow for healing, not necessarily the strict ruling ...


Since no one said, they answered this here. Can stabilized PC spend HD after 1hr short rest even though it regain 1HP after 1d4hr? believe that is correct - at 0 hp, a short rest lets you spend HD. -M So according to them you could benefit from a short rest while unconscious.

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