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Since your question didn't ask for RAW but others thoughts on how it was handled and how others would rule (maybe a RAI answer) I'd like to offer a comparative answer. While it is a completely different game, 3.5 has a rule that states, spells with the "(Harmless)" tag can affect unconscious characters. I would use this same rule here since 1) transporting ...


How about another work-around: a conscious and willing character has to pick up or touch an unconscious character in order to transport them with him/her to the paradise? At your discretion, you could make your conscious characters spend an action picking up or touching the unconscious characters in order for the rod to bring them along too. It would allow ...


I guess this question has been answered previously via Twitter by Jeremy Crawford. Can you take a unconscious target with you using dimension door? @JeremyCrawford: Only a willing creature can travel with you via dimension door. You can't give consent when you're unconscious.


In my opinion, you handled it right. About future use of "willing creatures" here is a simple-stupid way to pass around wording of that rule: if you read it RAW, it can mean 2 things: Character is in his right mind and is actively wiling to go to paradise... (Present Continuous). He wants to go there NOW. Character wants to go to that paradise. I mean ...

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