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I'm no expert on Universalis, but here are a few thoughts: I think your 'no thundering herds' rules gimmick is clean and effective. I wouldn't challenge it if you wanted to introduce it in play. What if it came up without the rules gimmick in play and I didn't want to let someone benefit from that kind of play? Well, if someone goes 'all-in' -- i.e., ...


Quoting from the Forge: Edge Dice are in the game but the crazy math part is gone. Now, if you roll a tie in a Complication, whoever had the highest sum adds an Edge Die to their pool and you reroll. For purposes of determining Bonus Coins the Edge Die counts just like a regular die instead of adding its total seperately. That's ...


I'd recommend mind-mapping collaboration tools like MindMeister (free) and Mindomo. Also, some of the virtual tabletop tools might work. Just create some kind of index card system on the VTT and record information that way. VTTs also roll dice, in case you need that, too.


What about mutli-user editors? One rather recent (and diabolical) example of this would be Google Wave or Docs. I actually thought about using one of these for a tabletop round of Universalis (with multiple laptops for the participants). That would have saved a lot of global looking-up of facts ...

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