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I'm assuming this is relating to The Multiverse (of which I am the creator and a current game master), so my answer will be referring to how this works in the context of the Multiverse's rules. First, we must make sure to understand three things; A single player writing for a single character can have one or more universes associated with this character. ...


The official HYBRID RPG site/rules went offline ten years ago, but the latest version, from 2003, is archived by the Internet Archive: HYBRID RPG version 0.30. The document itself states that it is only (and exactly) 30% finished. It makes no sense and is unplayable, but nobody will stop you from trying. Update: There is apparently a version 0.4 being ...


I used to have an original printing of Timemaster and I remember those tables now that you mention them. I don't have it in front of me now though so this is a more general answer to the problem. Remember one thing about these old games: tables were to be used, not memorised or abstracted away. This was true in AD&D too with its combat matrices that ...


After the Bomb is a setting of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Palladium, available for purchase.

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