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In past editions, clerics could also become liches, and I see no reason why a DM couldn't houserule a ritual that a Warlock could learn to become one as well. Hell, if it was a ritual any spellcaster could potentially do it, which opens up a lot of conceptual space for a Lich.


No, a Warlock with the Pact of the Chain feature does not receive Magic Resistance if they choose a Quasit, Imp, or Pseudodragon. In the first place, a variant rule is only in play if the DM chooses. However, even if the DM decides that pseudodragon familiars (for example) are a thing, it still doesn't benefit the Warlock. Some pseudodragons are willing ...


Warlocks only have one spell level for all their spell slots (and they are very few in comparison.) the highest spell slot level they achieve is 5th. This deficiency is augmented by eldritch evocations, which allow many lower level spells to be cast at will, essentially turning 1st and 2nd level spells into cantrips, and mystic arcanum which are limited to ...


Ask your GM. This is entirely dependant on the setting, the specificities of the pact, and the personality of the demon in question.

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