Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, 1st Edition

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, 1st Edition (WFRP1e) was published by Games Workshop (GW) in 1986 as a roleplaying component to Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB), GW's popular fantasy battle miniatures game. The game setting is a broad amalgam of Germanic Renaissance fantasy; later editions would add a significant Arthurian component. All editions of the WFRP are loosely set in a 15th and 16th century technological period.

Elven and Dwarven societies are waning but remain significant protagonists as well as being player-character races. Greenskins (Orc and Goblin races), undead (Vampires, Zombies, etc.), pestilence (embodied in the "rat race" Skaven), barbaric northern tribes, murderous dark elves (a political, not racial, elven division) and worshippers of Chaos gods--all foul, sadistic, and hedonistic--beset the world through political and magical corruption.

WFRP1e allowed heroic crossover play in WFB by closely mapping character stats to the tabletop miniature game rules.

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