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I know it's a late answer, but here's how to calculate the exact odds of Tzeentch's Curse in AnyDice: function: sets of N:n equal in ROLL:s { COUNT: 0 loop I over ROLL { if (ROLL = I) = N { COUNT: COUNT + 1 } } result: COUNT / N } loop A over {2..5} { loop B over {A..5} { output [sets of A equal in Bd10] named "sets of [A] equal dice in ...


The Burning Wheel has all of the core characteristics, other than random starting class. There are a fairly limited number of starting careers ("born lifepaths", in the jargon) for each race, though, so I'm sure you could make a table out of it if you like. For example, a dwarf can be: Born Clansman Born Guilder Born Artificer Born Noble Each of these ...

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