Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, 3rd Edition

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, 3rd Edition (WFRP3e) is licensed and published by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) and released in 2009. The game setting is a broad amalgam of Arthurian and Germanic Renaissance fantasy. All editions of the WFRP are loosely set in a 15th and 16th century technological period.

Elven and Dwarven societies are waning but remain significant protagonists as well as being player-character races. Greenskins (Orc and Goblin races), undead (Vampires, Zombies, etc.), pestilence (embodied in the "rat race" Skaven), barbaric northern tribes, murderous dark elves (a political, not racial, elven division) and worshippers of Chaos gods--all foul, sadistic, and hedonistic--beset the world through political and magical corruption.

WFRP3e introduced a new Action Resolution System, Party Mechanics, and FFG online resources. WFRP1e and WFRP2e were published by Games Workshop (& Hogshead Publishing) and Green Ronin, respectively.

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