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I came up with 351.36km/hr as my fastest with Blood Angel Assault marine. Stats Base Ag 50 +5 from Chapter Assumed +5 from Armour history (Fury Like Lightning) Assumed +10 from Mk 6 armour +20 from experience Total 90 for Ag bonus of 9 Codex solo mode Burst of speed give an extra 4 so that's 13 Dilation field gives unnatural speed so 13 doubles to 26m ...


The Ultramarine squad mode only works for other Ultramarines despite the ambiguous wording. If you don't have a tactical marine with tactical expertise you can do one of 2 things: 1. Get the deed (at character creation) Strike Team Specialist which will allow you to use and take part in attack patterns of your allies at the cost of 1 extra cohesion. This ...

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