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Yes, movement can be reacted to on a square by square basis. From the Immediate Action definition DDI: If a creature triggers your immediate reaction while moving (by coming into range, for example), you take your action before the creature finishes moving but after it has moved at least 1 square


Yes, Pursuit of the Hunter can be used to move in any desired direction for any purpose. Your prey tries to maneuver away, but there is no escape. This is flavor text. Flavor Text is defined on p62 of Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms. It includes this bit: Feel free to invent a description of the power yourself Also see Dragon Magazine #394, ...


Yes. The mechanics are rigid, the flavor is interpretive. Obviously, you could also use this power to escape or retreat rather than "pursue"... The flavor text in most (if not all) 4e powers should be treated as a hook or a handle for roleplaying, but not a straitjacket. It's a triggered immediate reaction, (an enemy moves, the Wilden reacts). If you ...

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