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I found what you were looking for! This blog led me to the podcast link. Excerpt: On the latest WOTC D&D podcast, Steve Winter talked about the great campaign-world books that came out of Second Edition D&D. He said that, for every kick-ass setting like Planescape or Al'Quadim, they had a bunch of ideas just as good - they just didn't ...


In, I believe, one of the WotC podcasts, they stated that they wanted to produce less errata than they had been creating, and that the huge errata list that came out around the time of the 1st essentials books was intended to be a major reset to that end. [edit] According to this WotC will release typographical and other errors errata monthly, and reserve ...


Mostly not I believe most of the forum has migrated here: http://community.wizards.com/go/forum/view/75882/136042/d20_Character_Optimization with the unfortunate requirement of most links being broken. A search on thread topic may be more profitable though.

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