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I found what you were looking for! This blog led me to the podcast link. Excerpt: On the latest WOTC D&D podcast, Steve Winter talked about the great campaign-world books that came out of Second Edition D&D. He said that, for every kick-ass setting like Planescape or Al'Quadim, they had a bunch of ideas just as good - they just didn't ...


Mostly not I believe most of the forum has migrated to the Previous Editions Character Optimization subforum, with the unfortunate requirement of most links being broken. A search on thread topic in Google may be more profitable though. However, all is not lost. There are two repositories of handbook indexes (of varying freshness and duplication state -- I ...


Answer: Because of how the forums have changed, the author of the Dragonfire Adept handbook never updated the page and the page itself has not been saved. That link goes to a page. Gleemax was the old community website that Wizards ran in 2007 and 2008. With the advert of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons they replaced it with D&D ...


In, I believe, one of the WotC podcasts, they stated that they wanted to produce less errata than they had been creating, and that the huge errata list that came out around the time of the 1st essentials books was intended to be a major reset to that end. [edit] According to this WotC will release typographical and other errors errata monthly, and reserve ...


Updates for online articles will only involve changing the online article itself. As Wizards will no longer provide complete magazine downloads, I'm not sure how you are supposed to know something has changed.


You can find these on the wayback machine at Dragonfire adept handbook First update Second update


The reason that happens is since that thread was created back in 2007 and now Wizards of the Coast has had at least one major revamp of their website, including the forums. And during this revamp they broke all of the links to their old forums, the content may still be there, but the link has changed. You can tell this is the case because if you copy the ...


Sadly, there is no public tool or list that has this information. Now if someone has a passion for this and nearly infinite time then they could start one... You might try sending a customer service email to WotC and see if they have something. This may be your best bet.


I have good news for you! The Wizard's Handbook is alive in the D&D Wiki! You can find some other build from the Character Optimization Handbook in the same Wiki, merged with the builds of other users of the Wiki.


Delving through the depths of the IAWM, I discovered that this appear to be a live site. Hopefully it is what you are looking for.

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