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an RPG set ten years after an alternate-reality American Civil War in a fairly divided North America. It was published in 2007 by Kenzerco and has won a silver ENn…
a time travel RPG focused around competition between two factions with competing visions for humanity's past, present and future.
the RPG of blood-red Sword & Sorcery, inspired by the pulp tales of authors such as Robert E. Howard.
one that eschews deep characterization and mechanical rigor for lighthearted fun and ease of play. Beer and pretzels games work well with casual gamers and in a party atm…
A 1989 RPG companion to the "Darksword" trilogy written by Weiss and Hickman.
A very small RPG engine for Mythos play.
a time travel-themed science fiction RPG published in 1999 by Aetherco and Dreamcatcher Multimedia.
Questions about chases and chase mechanics, including on foot, mounted, vehicle, and others.
a grim and gritty game of mud, blood, mayhem and magick, set in an alternate 17th century England plunged into civil war. It is published by Cakebread & Walton, and runs on the…
A home base for the party, especially in fantasy roleplaying. Many games include rules or suggestions for building these.
A more stats-oriented FATE incarnation that mixes D&D-like abilities with FATE's aspects.
the Fate-based rules system that powers The Kerberos Club RPG. It was reverse-engineered and released as its own OGL rules system in 2013 by Arc Dream.
the set of miniature skirmish rules for use with the Savage Worlds system
Fictional country in Legend of the 5 Rings setting. Ruled by Emperor, loosely based on oriental culture.
a new RPG, still in the Beta testing phase. It is designed for one to six players and a Game Master to explore and adventure in the world of Pokemon.
a GMless (and almost fortune-less) tragedy RPG written by Ben Leheman, focused on exploring the woes of a chivalric society on the verge of inevitable destruction.
a Storytelling game about created beings, such as Frankenstein's Monster, the Golem of Prague, and Osiris. Prometheans are soulless corpses animated by a mysterious, a…
A special kind of "fun " question that breaks the normal site rules and must be pre-approved on Meta.
a horror game in which the players play children between 6 and 12 try to survive despite incursions into this world by monsters from a dark dream world called "Closetland."