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a narrativist sword-and-sorcery indie role-playing game, designed by Clinton R. Nixon and published by CRN Games.
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for any edition of the Tunnels and Trolls system, published by Flying Buffalo.
XCrawl, by Goodman Games, focuses on players as superstar athletes in a lethal sport competing against monsters in artificial dungeons.
a Silver Age superhero tabletop RPG by Michael S. Miller and independently published by Incarnadine Press.
A dungeon crawl roleplaying game and love letter to Basic D&D, by the creators of Burning Wheel and Mouse Guard.
Three Sixteen: Carnage Amongst the Stars (3:16 for short) is a lightweight indie game about space marines committing sci-fi genocide, in the tradition of Starship Troopers and Warhammer 40k. Character…
a map game involving the creation of a world through a pack of cards.
A game which combines the film noir genre with sword & sorcery, featuring mysteries and crime fighting, adventures and magic that comes at a terrible cost. Published by Sword's Edged Publishing.
A home base for the party, especially in fantasy roleplaying. Many games include rules or suggestions for building these.
a 1994 RPG that uses White Wolf's Storyteller system.
A more stats-oriented FATE incarnation that mixes D&D-like abilities with FATE's aspects.
the Fate-based rules system that powers The Kerberos Club RPG. It was reverse-engineered and released as its own OGL rules system in 2013 by Arc Dream.
a clockwork fantasy dreamworld RPG from SteamLogic.
Mutant Chronicles 1st or 2nd edition, a dark space opera game of corporate espionage, war, and supernatural horror.
a GUMSHOE powered game pitting PC spies against a vampire conspiracy.
a horror game in which the players play children between 6 and 12 try to survive despite incursions into this world by monsters from a dark dream world called "Closetland."
a graft of the GUMSHOE skill system into Pathfinder.
a light-weight and light-hearted RPG by One Seven Design. You play the crew of the interstellar spaceship Raptor, and explore their feelings and their lasers in adventures and mis…
a parody role-playing game published by Black Dog Games. It's set on a planet that serves as a penal colony/garbage dump for the Confederation of Worlds.
a real-world European language. This tag is for questions about gaming related to that language.
A special kind of "fun " question that breaks the normal site rules and must be pre-approved on Meta.
the set of miniature skirmish rules for use with the Savage Worlds system
Diagrams showing the existence and nature of connections between characters.
remove obstacles.