A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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× 110
A playable class that excels in martial combat. They are highly skilled with armour and weapons.
× 109
for questions pertaining to 'experience points' or any other kind of point gained during play and used to 'level up' or otherwise permanently increase a character's abilities.
× 109
frequently viewed as a combination of the cleric and the fighter.
× 107
The process of creating items within the game fiction or mechanics. May includes various types of smithing, alchemy, magic item creation, and other durable or consumable goods, depending on the game.
× 106
to wrestle — engaging in unarmed, nonlethal combat where the goal is often to incapacitate, restrain, or pin rather than kill one's opponent.
× 102
Techniques game masters use to prepare for a game session. (For preparing a campaign, use the [campaign-development] tag instead.)
× 100
Smaller creatures that serve to aid certain spell casters. They typically lack the combat prowess of an animal companion, but aid a spell caster in other ways.
× 99
worn on the body with the specific purpose of deflecting or absorbing damage.
× 99
A design paradigm common among RPGs, a Class is an archetype summing up the abilities and role the character will play as well as binding unique mechanics together in one package.
× 99
The ability to remain undetected by other creatures, either by skill or special effect.
× 97
Explanations of RPG-specific terminology and jargon.
× 96
I remember something about a gaming product but not its name... What is it?
× 96
Questions about the non-GM participants in roleplaying games and their behavior.
× 96
The process by which a character gains competence upward or laterally.
× 94
Vampire: The Masquerade, White Wolf's breakthrough gothic urban fantasy RPG. The game concerns the secret society of vampires who live among the people of the World of Darkness.
× 93
Class with martial prowess and skills in the wilderness. May have an animal companion depending on the game system.
× 91
The process of creating a complete, coherent and convincing world to use as a setting for RPG adventures.
× 88
The ability of D&D and Pathfinder Druids to turn themselves into a variety of animals: a shapeshifting effect to allow Druids to become more in tune with nature, allow them to do things they normally …
× 88
The act of restoring life/health to a character.
× 84
are about the background and setting information of a game.
× 81
The ability of a hidden character to strike for extra damage when attacking from hiding.
× 80
A set of defensive traits based on a characters own ability to avoid the brunt of damage, resist control, and endure through some force.
× 80
Translating characters and concepts from one edition of a game to another, or to a different game entirely.
× 78
Many RPG settings have custom faiths and pantheons; use this tag when your question is about them.
× 77
used for actions that require merely touching a target, often ignoring the target's armor.
× 76
Valuable items, particularly coin, gems, jewelry, and rare objects.
× 75
Issues related to the in-game death, or threat/fear of death, of a player's character in an RPG.
× 75
A charismatic class involving limited spontaneous casting, the use of songs to buff allies and average chance to hit with weapons. Appears in DnD, Pathfinder and many other tabletop RPGs.
× 74
kept for companionship; a pet.
× 74
Intelligent reptilian creatures with wings that love to hoard shiny objects.
× 73
Statistics deals with the mathematics of probability-based games.
× 73
a near-future game (Set in 2050-2075) in the cyberpunk genre, but with magic and fantasy races.
× 72
In combat, attacks with a range beyond that of melee or hand-to-hand attacks. Examples include javelin, bow and arrow, pistol, blaster rifle, and the magic missile spell.
× 72
Designing and writing adventures, for personal use or publication.
× 71
indicate an extraordinary hit, generally rewarded with an increase in damage dealt.
× 71
Set in the universe of Warhammer 40K, players take on the role of a ships captain and crew.