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created Jul 1 at 19:19
A competitive, multi-session, GM-less swords-and-sorcery RPG in which heroes ally and conflict with explosive factions during face Ordeals masterminded by the other players, and the last hero left sta…
created Jul 1 at 19:06
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created Jun 30 at 5:36
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created Jun 29 at 20:22
created Jun 29 at 18:25
created Jun 27 at 16:32
created Jun 27 at 16:32
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for guidance on handling betrayal between characters, in particular handling upcoming betrayal well, and dealing with the fallout of past betrayal.
created Jun 25 at 0:04
created Jun 22 at 0:31
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created Jun 18 at 13:52
created Jun 13 at 14:49
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The GM act of secretly altering rolls in order to influence outcomes, usually with the intent to protect player-characters or plot elements.
created Jun 3 at 15:24
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For questions about issues with translations of game materials.
created Jun 3 at 6:18
a collaborative writing RPG.
created Jun 3 at 4:53
an independently-designed and incomplete RPG. It is mostly incomprehensible and virtually unplayable; you have been warned.
created Jun 3 at 4:51
both a supplement published in 1986 for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1985); and a 2001 re-release of the TMNT game itself minus licensed material, named after the original 1986 supp…
created Jun 3 at 4:22
a one-book survival horror game that uses the Pacesetter System.
created Jun 3 at 4:22
the RPG genre of superheroes and -villains, often drawing inspirations and tropes from classic and modern superhero comics.
created Jun 2 at 21:04
created Jun 2 at 20:22
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Questions about the limits and ranges of visibility.
created Jun 1 at 16:29
created Jun 1 at 15:08
created Jun 1 at 14:48
created Jun 1 at 10:59
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For questions comparing different editions of the same system.
created Jun 1 at 3:13
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A type of magic that turns preincarnate souls into proprietary magical tools. These tools are blue.
created May 31 at 18:37
created May 27 at 22:33
a mixed-genre science-fiction/fantasy/mecha game of humanity against the invading beings of the Cthulhu Mythos.
created May 26 at 22:13
created May 22 at 15:23