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both a standalone RPG and also a toolset to run other RPGs without a GM.
created 14 hours ago
created 2 days ago
Questions about chases and chase mechanics, including on foot, mounted, vehicle, and others.
created Oct 17 at 17:00
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a roleplaying game of cinematic action set in the daring times of the Magical-Industrial Revolution.
created Oct 17 at 7:27
created Oct 16 at 23:48
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created Oct 13 at 19:14
created Oct 8 at 3:17
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A game in which Action Scientists keeping the world safe from improbable conspiracies and Weird Science, based on the comic series of the same name and running on the Fate engine.
created Oct 5 at 9:50
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narrative currency in the Fate family of games.
created Oct 5 at 9:50
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created Oct 2 at 2:44
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Questions relating to the World of Darkness series of settings and games in general. Not for questions about specific editions.. For specific editions, see the [new-world-of-darkness], [old-world-of-d…
created Oct 2 at 1:48
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created Sep 30 at 10:57
created Sep 29 at 14:16
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created Sep 23 at 18:34
A 1989 RPG companion to the "Darksword" trilogy written by Weiss and Hickman.
created Sep 22 at 3:58
created Sep 19 at 15:08
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created Sep 19 at 15:06
a GUMSHOE powered game pitting PC spies against a vampire conspiracy.
created Sep 16 at 16:20
created Sep 15 at 20:12
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a style of gaming that uses a drama-based resolution system instead of a hard-and-fast rules system.
created Sep 13 at 20:13
a Storytelling game about created beings, such as Frankenstein's Monster, the Golem of Prague, and Osiris. Prometheans are soulless corpses animated by a mysterious, a…
created Sep 12 at 13:28
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a free, open-source character generator & maintenance program for D&D 3.5e and Pathfinder.
created Sep 11 at 0:42
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A (mostly) free, online virtual tabletop that requires no installation or server hosting.
created Sep 7 at 18:25
created Sep 6 at 21:36