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Erick Wujcik's Amber Diceless Role-Playing is set in the universe of Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber. Created in the 1980s and finally published in 1991, it earned the distinction of being the fir…
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Campaigns in which all the player characters are evil, and the particular challenges of running such campaigns.
created Dec 17 at 3:34
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used for actions that require merely touching a target, often ignoring the target's armor.
created Dec 16 at 18:38
a fantasy RPG published in "Basic" and "Advanced" versions by Kenzer and Company.
created Dec 15 at 18:09
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a modern horror RPG by White Wolf in the "new World of Darkness" series of games, in which the PCs are members of a hidden society of vampires.
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For questions pertaining to the City of Brass competitive role-playing game.
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a light-weight and light-hearted RPG by One Seven Design. You play the crew of the interstellar spaceship Raptor, and explore their feelings and their lasers in adventures and mis…
created Dec 5 at 13:11
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used to identify questions relating specifically to cultural attitudes towards gender in gaming.
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Mutant Chronicles 1st or 2nd edition, a dark space opera game of corporate espionage, war, and supernatural horror.
created Nov 7 at 3:29
an early Wizards of the Coast RPG focused on high-fantasy adventures through the multiverse.
created Nov 7 at 3:29
A game which combines the film noir genre with sword & sorcery, featuring mysteries and crime fighting, adventures and magic that comes at a terrible cost. Published by Sword's Edged Publishing.
created Nov 7 at 3:28
A 1977 fantasy RPG that was an early contender to D&D, starting out as the 1976 game Chevalier.
created Nov 7 at 3:27
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when asking about the target numbers rolls are trying to achieve, in systems which calls that the "difficulty class."
created Nov 6 at 6:26
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when asking about the target numbers rolls are trying to achieve, in systems which call them "difficulties." (d20 System questions should be tagged [difficulty-class].)
created Nov 6 at 6:25