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is to be used when a series of game-mechanical actions within the rules of a system leads to an absurd yet humorous series of events that evoke a wonderfully comical menta…
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a mechanic in Fate Core representing an extremely transient sorta-but-not-quite aspect.
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Questions about Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: Occultism
created Nov 19 at 2:46
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created Nov 17 at 7:30
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an alternate magic system developed and published by Drop Dead Studios and designed to work with Pathfinder and other RPGs based on the D20 system.
created Nov 15 at 14:16
extremely short games made for diving deep into singular experiences or emotions for a brief time.
created Nov 14 at 14:50
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Questions about putting together a party of PCs that will stay together for at least a while.
created Nov 12 at 22:33
created Nov 10 at 2:38
For questions about HeroQuest 2 and HeroQuest Glorantha (a.k.a. “HeroQuest 2.1”)
created Nov 9 at 22:45
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A German post-apocalyptic game set in the remains of Europe written by Marko Djurdjevic and Christian Günther.
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created Nov 8 at 11:24
a fantasy combat RPG inspired by Final Fantasy, Avatar: The Last Airbender and others.
created Nov 3 at 9:21
Warcraft: the Roleplaying Game (and its second edition, World of Warcraft: the Roleplaying Game) is a pen and paper, tabletop adaption of the popular video game RPG.
created Oct 14 at 11:32
a D&D-like game developed by Monte Cook with an emphasis on heroes' self-sufficiency without reliance on high magic or items.
created Oct 14 at 2:27