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created Aug 18 at 5:47
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created Aug 16 at 22:07
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A role-playing game where players pilot giant robots (or Meks) in settings whose tones fit various famous Japanese franchises based on giant robots. The game allow for a very high degree of customizat…
created Aug 15 at 12:03
created Aug 14 at 9:09
created Aug 2 at 4:35
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A sandbox adventure using an hexagonal map with Points of Interest to let the players lead their own story.
created Aug 2 at 4:30
created Aug 2 at 0:18
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created Jul 25 at 17:57
created Jul 24 at 14:49
one that eschews deep characterization and mechanical rigor for lighthearted fun and ease of play. Beer and pretzels games work well with casual gamers and in a party atm…
created Jul 24 at 12:09
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A lightweight version of the d20 System.
created Jul 24 at 5:26
a real-world European language. This tag is for questions about gaming related to that language.
created Jul 20 at 20:35
created Jul 17 at 7:02
the second RPG from Fantasy Flight Games set in the Star Wars universe.
created Jul 13 at 4:13
A very small RPG engine for Mythos play.
created Jul 9 at 13:19