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Player for over 20 years, GM for over 15 years, I have played and/or run a fairly diverse array of games including most versions/flavours/settings of D&D, Pathfinder, Numenera, d20 Gamma World, d20 Modern, Call of Cthulhu (5th ed and d20), Army of Darkness, Lord of the Rings (CODA), Serenity, Star Wars (d20 and West End Games versions), Hunter: The Reckoning, Feng Shui, GURPS, Marvel Superheroes, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Pokethulhu, DC Universe and more yet that I can't even remember.

I have also created rule modifications for a not-too-distant-future military game based on the d20 Modern ruleset (a hit with my players that I eventually plan to polish off and release), a desert-based dark/low fantasy setting derived from the Lord of the Rings RPG (yet to playtest, still some details to figure out), plus a number of other ideas that haven't made it as far as I would like including my own system built from scratch which is built to cater for a wide array of settings and styles.

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