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Lead World Wide Developer Evangelist for Embarcadero Technologies

Invented and patented swipe to unlock in 2000. See US Patent # 8352745 & 6766456, and others.

Host of the Podcast at Delphi.org. (mostly a blog, but some podcast episodes).

Preferred Languages:

  1. Delphi / Object Pascal
  2. C# / .NET
  3. JavaScript
  4. Java
  5. C++
  6. Objective-C

comment Getting started with Champions
So if I understand that Basic Rulebook has the basics of character creation, while the full Character Creation goes into more details?
comment Getting started with Champions
"Vol. II: Combat & Adventuring" goes with "Vol. I: Character Creation" doesn't it? I thought the Basic Rulebook was a condensed version of both.