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Lead World Wide Developer Evangelist for Embarcadero Technologies

Invented and patented swipe to unlock in 2000. See US Patent # 8352745 & 6766456, and others.

Host of the Podcast at Delphi.org. (mostly a blog, but some podcast episodes).

Preferred Languages:

  1. Delphi / Object Pascal
  2. C# / .NET
  3. JavaScript
  4. Java
  5. C++
  6. Objective-C

comment Is the Shaman spirit animal an animal companion?
OK, kind of what I was thinking, but that means that the Shaman must keep their Otter with them during their adventure if they are going to be one more than one day if they want to cast spells after the first day.
comment Getting started with Champions
So if I understand that Basic Rulebook has the basics of character creation, while the full Character Creation goes into more details?
comment Getting started with Champions
"Vol. II: Combat & Adventuring" goes with "Vol. I: Character Creation" doesn't it? I thought the Basic Rulebook was a condensed version of both.