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comment Legality of Gaining Mithral's Special Properties on Studded Leather
That was my notion as well. Not being an armorer, I think I feel into the trap of second-guessing how much metal is actually in studded leather.
comment How to roll perception checks for characters who aren't actively looking?
@Rob: We house-ruled the two passives into our Pathfinder game for that very reason.
comment Question on Stacked conditions
@mxyzplk: So my specific example is wrong, but the general statement still holds. I am going to call shenanigans on Paizo for that one since it should probably also be called out in the condition.
comment When to apply XP in Pathfinder?
I had forgotten about the full night's rest situation. I did play with a guy who did that. I thought it made sense, and worked well, until we had a silly dungeon crawl that lasted 10 character days and 5 sessions. Thanks to constant interruptions we never got a full night's rest, and thankfully we didn't have any casters. We earned three levels during that slog....
comment How do Tengu use blowguns when they have beaks?
@mxyzplk: The encounter was, in fact, the tengu ambush on the stairs to Ravenscraeg. Interestingly, it wasn't until after the combat was over (all 1 + surprise round) that the "issue" was realized. Since I ran the encounter as written, canon had established they were used, so we rolled with it.
comment How do Tengu use blowguns when they have beaks?
@Rob: Truthfully, that was my notion. It just felt cheesy.
comment How do Tengu use blowguns when they have beaks?
Sure, some tengu do have mouths, I'm specifically thinking of the long nose kind. Unfortunately, these were the crow faced kind.
comment What is the disadvantage of raise dead+restoration against true resurrection?
Let's not forget timing. Raise Dead only works if the body is 1 day/caster level old, but True Res is 10 years/caster level.