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Thom Blair III

NOTE: Due to popular demand, here is an explanation of how I make my animated GIFs:

How I Make My Animated GIFs

I use LICEcap with Max FPS set to 24:

enter image description here

Now, without further ado, on to me!

Thom Blair III

Hi! I'm new to Blender but have been doing computer graphics since I was 13 or so. In fact, I remember when I got the first demo release of Adobe's first graphics program that was to become Photoshop. It came on a 5¼ inch floppy, ie before there even were 3.5 inch floppies, and I just laughed at how basic and lack-luster it was compared to Splash (which was the higher-end graphics software out at the time.) In Splash, they already had begun using brushes with soft edges, which was a HUGE leap forward for graphics software at the time -- no other software I could find had that feature. There also was no such thing as any kind of selection tool other than rectangle, although they might have had ovals. Anyway, I tried Adobe's program and it was so simplistic I thought, "Wow, Adobe -- what kind of name is that?? Sticks and mud! Kinda appropriate for such a rudimentary program." Little did I know what was to come! Now I can't even find any trace of Splash on the internet at all! The wheel of Fate turns and turns...

I also remember when I first started hearing about this new kind of graphics format called "vectors". The makers of the graphic novel "Iron Man: Crash" were some of the first to use vectors in comics, and vector-based software was being developed as they were making the novel.

I had one job for a year overseeing a team of programmers to transition from an outdated PDP mainframe to a Microsoft Access database for a small university's Registrar office. It was very successful there, and so 5 related universities in India wanted it for their registrars, so I took it over there, modified it for them and trained them to use it.

These days, I am just taking my time doing things I enjoy when I can find them and currently, I'm really enjoying adding Blender to my graphics suite -- I'm very impressed with it!

I've also had schizophrenia since 2003. With schizophrenia, it's different for everyone, but my symptoms are very similar to Eleanor Longden's as she describes in her TED talk. Thankfully, after all these years of learning how to deal with the experiences, I've gotten much better at becoming functional again.



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