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comment How to deal effectively with a player unable to lose?
@Dronz Probably because in my head, a starting level character is the extreme of "lose all your gear, all your abilities, and all your levels".
comment How do I help players whose time with previous editions confuses their understanding of D&D 5th Edition?
Also, the question isn't "how do I deal with players who don't read the rules", it's "how do I deal with players who have read too many rules". Unfortunately, there's a lot of things that have exactly the same name in 3.5, 4E, and 5E, but work slightly differently.
comment How many arrows an archer can carry/bring with him
@Francesco - Keep in mind that 3.5 only cares about encumbrance as weight, not bulk. (As a proof, consider how astoundingly awkward it would be to carry around even a single 10-foot pole indoors.)
comment Can I craft a 25 AC piece of armor?
Mind, that's assuming you're going for pure non-magical armor. You can cut down your pain slightly by going for +5 BrickArmor that's AC(15). That's "only" about 950K GP (including the 25K for +5 armor). But even then, you're building relic-level armor - a craftman's life's work. That's the stuff an adventurer finds, not builds. :)
comment How to deal with lack of downtime as a wizard?
Possibly in theory, but in practice it amounts to the same thing - messing with a player arbitrarily. To throw a variant example, it's no different in my mind than starting a game then telling the archer that there are no arrows in stock in towns. Ever. Can't buy 'em. (But I will edit the question to make clearer).
comment I'm running a Pathfinder adventure using 3.5E rules - what should I watch out for?
Marking this as accepted since this is matching my experience - we're around level 7-8 now and once the characters (and players) got their bearings, things have swung to the opposite problem - I have to start upscaling things so it's not a cakewalk. ;)
comment When does a character get fatigued?
And the 6-hour rule really only exists to declare the length you have to rest for an extended (vs. the 5-minute short rest). And for evil DMs, it opens the door for orcs attacking every five and a half hours...
comment How can I offer players a balanced opportunity to take powerful races, without adjusting their level?
@medivh - But if Everyone is getting free levels, it should balance out (to the limitations of normal game balance). It'd be like starting the campaign at level 4, but requiring everyone took 3 levels of racial stats.
comment Can an attack made while falling be treated as set against charge?
Agreed - I suppose you could choose not to attack, but I don't know how you could attack without moving very fast when the movement is forced.
comment What are the advantages of AD&D over D&D3?
+1 for point out different style vs "better".
comment Does D&D 3.5 DM material contain information applicable for Pathfinder GMs?
Semi-answer: if you're looking for practical advice, I'd suggest DMG2 from 3.5, rather than the DMG. DMG2 had a lot more advice in it IMHO.
comment D&D high-difficulty / technical character build suggestions
@KRyan I'll agree that the casters are generally better-served single-class, but you don't have to stray too far into the splat-books to find caster-friendly prestiges. Radiant Servant for clerics, for example, is pretty much just Cleric+.
comment What is the optimal way to design a well balanced party
+1 for an option that's not "print out the CharOp boards".
comment What is “the d20 bust,” and what does “post-d20 game” mean?
Another part of the bust was that since it was so easy (and inexpensive) to create "D20" material, there was a lot of bad material being created to cash in. (To say "poorly tested" is to give them far too much credit). The bust also included all those companies (incl. the good ones) having trouble when players stopped buying 3rd party material.
comment What happens when Water Breathing is dispelled underwater?
+1 for "Surprise" - the most important part of making someone drown. :)
comment Storytelling with lie detection
Not long enough to be an answer: You cast Detect Lies on Bob and tell me he's lying. Why should I trust you? :)
comment Are class and feat based proficiencies cumulative?
@corsiKa I suppose Boolean (true/false) works just as well as binary (on/off). I'll edit the answer.
comment Can a PC use his Charisma to influence other PCs in D&D 3.5?
@RobertF Specifically, it's self-defeating to try and control other players this way. Because in the end, no rule will prevent them from just getting up and leaving.
comment Dealing with players smarter than me?
@TimothyAWiseman I don't know if there's a practical difference between making up your own variant and cribbing from a different creature (other than it's easier for a new DM to change a name than create a creature from scratch). But the key point remains that the easiest way to deal with a player who memorized the rulebook is to change it. :)
comment How do I handle a group that does not understand the 'assumption rule'?
Aside: if they're never using the rulebook, are they really playing D&D? To my ears it sounds like they're playing a homebrew that just steals liberally from D&D (which would justify the "nothing in the rulebook counts" attitude). But in your place I'd ditch too. Triple-especially since you're already in other groups, so it's not a "this or nuttin" situation.