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comment What fantasy setting for Savage Worlds?
+1 Phil I cannot agree more with Phil's detailed and thorough response. I agree, Hellfrost is a great setting. I will add that the setting has a healthy amount of setting level intrigue--especially with respect to the Siphoning of magic, the Hellfrost itself and the relationship of the gods to each other and mortals as well. Great stuff!
comment What’s an organized storage solution found for miniatures?
+1 for this. I use these types of storage containers as well. I also like to use a larger, sturdy toolbox for on the go gaming because of the handle and drop-proof construction.
comment How are Magic Items created in Savage Worlds?
+1 for any reference to Hellfrost!
comment How can one prevent the gadgeteer edge in Savage Worlds from becoming overpowered without banning or nerfing it into oblivion?
Completely agree; I think the feel is similiar to the Scavenger Edge--essentially a one-shot "miracle" in your backpack.
comment What is the value of a “Companion”?
I haven't purchased a copy, but I will see what is available in DDI to flesh this out further.
comment Is there any other RPG that includes snailmail-writing as an integral component?
+1@Colin. Thanks for fleshing out Daniel's list of RPGs. Sidenote: I supported Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple on Kickstarter and it was completely worth it. Really like the mechanics of this game.
comment What is the value of a “Companion”?
@ GPierce Thanks, that is really good to know. I know of the book, but I didn't realize it was providing that type of coverage. Guess I was judging a book by the title and thought it was a bunch of crazy artifacts.
comment Resources for a '30s Pulp Campaign set in the Caribbean
@ p.marino I hear you. I was suggesting this Tim Powers as the backdrop to the Indiana Jones portion of your adventure.
comment How do I get the PCs to stop focusing on a red herring?
I agree, take this player interest and expound upon it. The interior of the mausoleum isn't set so why not plunk down the portal there.
comment How do I get the PCs to stop focusing on a red herring?
I completely agree. This is akin to when the players fall in "love" with a completely throw-away NPC. Take it and run with it. To me it demonstrates that the players are all in, they are digging the adventure and actively participating.
comment Homemade Terrain w/miniatures
I would love the ease of the papercraft but our current DM has set too high of a bar with some truly excellent landscapes--one of which was a rocky caveran with a lava floor--really cool stuff.
comment Homebrew D&D with only 2 players (plus DM)
+1 for Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser; that would be a blast playing in that type of game with just two players. I think Leiber got the NPC patrons just right, mysterious and off stage 98% of the time!
comment How does a Cavalier's Immune to Fear ability work in First Edition D&D?
+1 especially that last bit of advice--run away from the lich is one of my favorite "powers" from First Edition.
comment What are some proven methods of generating attachment to locations/objects in a campaign?
@SevenSidedDie I like that a lot, which feeds nicely into creating a level of comfort (i.e., familiarity), but also a set-up for change. The world is moving and changing while the characters are doing their thing. So the location is still the location, but now something is different. React to that Characters my Characters!
comment How do I make and use tactically interesting terrain?
@Tynam I agree, I think the first several encounters need be littered with environmental triggers for the enemies to use. Eventually the players will begin to look at terrain as an opportunity and not an impediment. Then the DM or GM can relax a little and merely provide the test mechanism for the opportunities that players are creating themselves. Or at least that is my objective.
comment How do I make and use tactically interesting terrain?
@ yhw42 Thanks for both the compliment and the information. I will tinker around and try and insert the link.