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comment How many dragons exist in Dragonlance, post War of the Lance? (e.g. 360 AC)
So, I guess around 360 AC, the Blue Dragonarmy should also be decimated to 10-20 dragons? (+1, by the way, because I like the reasoning). So, to conclude, each color, both chromatic and metallic, should go between 10-20, with a bit of an advantage to the metallic? By the way, why would the metallic be in greater number in 360 AC?
comment How can I improve the social / mental combat system in Vampire: Requiem?
@B.A. Thomas : Thanks. Note that an alternative would be to use a virtual "current WP" as health, but regain those lost points after the social combat. Instead, granting a bonus or a malus of 1 to WP for a won/lost discussion. This bonus/malus could increase according to the importance of the discussion.
comment How can I improve the social / mental combat system in Vampire: Requiem?
@B.A. Thomas: Yes, it was my first idea. But loosing Willpower for a discussion seemed a bit too much.
comment What side effects might arise from modifying the XP cost to increase traits in the Storytelling system by category primacy?
@Jadasc : As defined in the rules. We add one or two XPs for things like "Did your character really acted as a vampire?" and "Did you helped make this story go smoothly/better/in a surprising direction?", but nothing more. I guess and answer with standard XPs allowance is more than enough (i.e. Something like 2 to 4 XPs per session, IIRC)
comment How can Blood Potency 0 creatures heal Aggravated Damage?
The problem is that vampires/undead are not supposed to heal at all without spending vitae.
comment As a man, how can I roleplay a woman better?
"Do not tell people who you are using as your models. This can only end in pain." So true !!!
comment What about Arete / Masteries and Dark Heroes?
@ExTSR: I disagree. The tags are here to filter the questions. I even marked the question by prefixing by the name of the book. Now, looking at the current questions, I see TWO D&D 4th ed questions. Are they out of scope ? In Stack Overflow, questions a question about C++ ADL effect on specialized templates is quite specific, too. Java developers don't give a damn about that. Still, the question is still a valid SO question...
comment What about Arete / Masteries and Dark Heroes?
I guess it's the chart which is very unclear: You say I can have, with Arete 3, as much as 7 masteries ? What I read in the chart is "3, 2, 2, 1", which means, to me (after reading your explanation) that with Arete 3, the maximum Masteries I can have is "3 on one skill, 2 on the second and the third skill, and 1 on the fourth". Which makes 8 Masteries maximum. Am I wrong ?