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French C++ Developer with Web skills from previous work, and a taste for role-playing games • linkedinCareers 2.0

Quotes I like:

  • RAII is the single most important notion of C++. Everything else is related.
  • Prefer certain code ergonomics to supposed code performance.
  • Because I'm coding in C++, once the code compiles, it works.
  • If using the class keyword was enough to qualify as Object Oriented Programming, James Bond would be a Java Compiler...                                    — (Programming) Principle of 007

comment How many dragons exist in Dragonlance, post War of the Lance? (e.g. 360 AC)
In this setting, called Dragonlance, there are squads of mounted dragons fighting each others in the War of the Lance. If you play (retro) games like DragonStrike (which is a Dragonlance dragon combat pilot simulator), you get to kill lots of dragons. Looking at official Dragonlance artwork, you'll see lots of dragons too (we can assume they are official). In each original DL module (a dozen, IIRC), you have one dragon (that usually gets killed), including the first module. So not only your answer doesn't give any evaluation (which was my question) it is also a bit quite off the mark.
comment How can I improve the social / mental combat system in Vampire: Requiem?
@B.A. Thomas : Thanks. Note that an alternative would be to use a virtual "current WP" as health, but regain those lost points after the social combat. Instead, granting a bonus or a malus of 1 to WP for a won/lost discussion. This bonus/malus could increase according to the importance of the discussion.
comment How can I improve the social / mental combat system in Vampire: Requiem?
@B.A. Thomas: Yes, it was my first idea. But loosing Willpower for a discussion seemed a bit too much.
comment What side effects might arise from modifying the XP cost to increase traits in the Storytelling system by category primacy?
@Jadasc : As defined in the rules. We add one or two XPs for things like "Did your character really acted as a vampire?" and "Did you helped make this story go smoothly/better/in a surprising direction?", but nothing more. I guess and answer with standard XPs allowance is more than enough (i.e. Something like 2 to 4 XPs per session, IIRC)
comment How can Blood Potency 0 creatures heal Aggravated Damage?
The problem is that vampires/undead are not supposed to heal at all without spending vitae.
comment As a man, how can I roleplay a woman better?
"Do not tell people who you are using as your models. This can only end in pain." So true !!!
comment What about Arete / Masteries and Dark Heroes?
@ExTSR: I disagree. The tags are here to filter the questions. I even marked the question by prefixing by the name of the book. Now, looking at the current questions, I see TWO D&D 4th ed questions. Are they out of scope ? In Stack Overflow, questions a question about C++ ADL effect on specialized templates is quite specific, too. Java developers don't give a damn about that. Still, the question is still a valid SO question...
comment What about Arete / Masteries and Dark Heroes?
I guess it's the chart which is very unclear: You say I can have, with Arete 3, as much as 7 masteries ? What I read in the chart is "3, 2, 2, 1", which means, to me (after reading your explanation) that with Arete 3, the maximum Masteries I can have is "3 on one skill, 2 on the second and the third skill, and 1 on the fourth". Which makes 8 Masteries maximum. Am I wrong ?