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comment What are the advantages of Tabletop Roleplaying Games over MMORPGS and CRPGs
I don't think it's unreasonable to say that there are people who have enough experience with computer RPGs and tabletop RPGs to be able to formulate an erudite opinion on exactly why they prefer one over the other. We may not see many of said people, but there's certainly at least a couple.
comment Where can I find other RPG players?
I joined and got an invitation to a group within a week. Not bad, considering the game I wanted to play isn't "in vogue" these days.
comment What approaches are there to lessen or eliminate reliance upon dice in an RPG?
I don't feel it's particularly absolute. If you're concerned about the random factor resulting in a TPK, then you shouldn't be rolling dice to begin with. If you're going to use the dice as a randomization factor, then either go by the result or don't use them at all. That's more honest than saving the party by cheating, after all. The only real reason to roll dice behind the screen is for things the PCs aren't meant to know- perhaps the result of some more sinister purpose such as traps or secrets.
comment How far do you go with custom rules before you have a new game?
Just because they put a lot of time into it doesn't mean that they know what's right for you and for your group.