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comment What are the legal issues for making a fan RPG of a licensed property using GURPS?
Steve Jackson Games won't necessarily be able to guarantee that what you intend to do is legal on their end in advance. That would require a license agreement. Short of that, they can predict based on the information you provide whether the work would infringe, but the final work might infringe even if they previously said that they believe it would not.
comment Inventiveness vs. breaking the game; How do I encourage one, without enabling the other?
The density of a vial of acid is much less than the density of steel. He's got a mace with a beach ball sized head. Also dealing with vials breaking outside combat / while not swinging, or else it's pretty hard to break open the vials on an enemy. Blocking with this is nearly equivalent to hitting yourself. Reloading it takes bloody ages. A temperamental weapon, good for only one hit per day.
comment As a girl how can I roleplay a male character better?
Nobles who do not get subtle end up marginalized at best. If this noble was from a family with any hope of advancement, he would have gotten some training -- though he may have shirked.