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comment Do Sleeping or Otherwise Helpless Targets Get Reflex Saves in 3rd Edition D&D?
I can just see it now- Player is hit by sleep spell, falls on a pressure plate that activates a needle trap. Player immediately tosses and turns in sleep to more comfortable position with the unintentional added bonus of barely avoiding a poison dart to the spleen.
comment 3.5e Variant Rules
@MarkP Since the Sorcerer has so many spells available already the main benefit they get is the ability to track usage with just a calculator rather than a sheet of paper (more of a sidegrade than an upgrade really). Only way I can think off off hand for spell points to have a distinct advantage is if they wander into a dungeon with an inordinate number of incorporeal enemies and have to spam magic missile for hours on end. Possibly useful if they're really sneaky and need to put an entire room to sleep.