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comment Co-operative story-telling mechanics
To refine the question a bit for specifics: -some sort of mechanic that encourages (relatively new) players to have the power to introduce and modify story elements, to help them move beyond the player seat and become more involved in story co-creation. Ideally it is something with a feedback mechanism that requires co-operation or consent with others at the table in a mechanistic way. Currently we are using a FATE point like system. It is manifesting in that players are mostly pushing their idea with bids, rather than collaborating.
comment Co-operative story-telling mechanics
I agree it was a rather broad question, but the intent was to survey any paths I had overlooked, and start a thread for others' future reference. I'll happily refine the question for more specific feedback. Thanks for the links, those are great examples. The co-operative mechanic involvement I'm searching for lies somewhere in between Fenh Shui and Fiasco; moving beyond tactical changes to a situation, and having a way to affect the scene whilst still staying mostly in the player perspective