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I love table-top gaming, specifically D&D 3.5, 4E D&D, and Pathfinder. While those may be my main games, I am always open to trying something new.

I am also a huge comic book nerd, having been around them my entire life. I grew up with them as bed-time stories and have continued reading them to this day. I'll read just about anything as long as it is exciting, fun, and interesting.

In addition to that I am also a huge History buff, researcher, and perpetual student. History is very much my life. I enjoy playing Devil's Advocate and coming up with different and sometimes controversial takes on certain historical events and figures.

I also love the German language and have been learning and practicing it off and on for the past 10 years. This is another area that I consider myself to be a perpetual student.

I also an am avid runner, pet lover, reader, and more.

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