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comment How do I create a balanced “Glass Cannon” monster?
That's 36 damage max with an average damage of 26. It will really hurt but if you spread out who you hit you should be safe testing it out with your group. I know with my (admittedly striker heavy) group, if they decide something is a threat it's usually down or heavily disabled within a round or two
comment Why do Ability Score method names imply difficulty inversely?
Do you mean in how to make the Heroic/Epic have more Heroic/Epic threats? The reason you're not seeing much talk about any official rules on it is because that comes down to what the DM wants to throw at the party. When using generation methods that favor the players the DM is able to throw challenges that are "above" what they should be able to handle at a given level. You're probably not going to see much on official tweaks to looking at CR because CR is already a fairly loose guideline (see rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/19709/…).
answered Why do Ability Score method names imply difficulty inversely?
comment How do I handle attacks with multiple damage types on an unconscious player?
4e does have multiple type attacks, but I can't think of any examples that specify how much damage is of each type. Generally powers will say things like 1d10 Radiant and Necrotic damage or 3d6 Lightning and Thunder damage. I presume this is because they wanted to further emphasize the idea of it all being one attack (and because of the way weakness and resistances work)
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comment How do I help a player who struggles with a tactics-focused character?
@András Thank you for your feedback. I do agree that the start of this means more work for the DM which is always a resource to watch carefully, but ideally it's a starting cost and not a constant one due to things like Ilmari Karonen's comment. The goal as I read the question seemed to be how to allow a player who has poor tactical skills to play a character who is the opposite and have moments of glory regardless, rather than how to fix said poor tactical skills (which is a totally valid solution which already has some great answers).
answered How do I help a player who struggles with a tactics-focused character?
comment Too many divergent side quests. What do I do?
+1 for number 2, this has served me well on multiple occasions with my group that has similar amounts of personal hooks and character desires to deal with. The best part is that if something suddenly comes up that would fit, it's frequently easy to find little ways to hook it in retroactively that they're only now discovering.
comment Does liquid count as ground?
Considering the answers to the other question are largely that there is no formal definition beyond DM fiat, the answers there are likely to be the same as those that would be found here, specifying water doesn't change them. Soulrift's new answer over there even talks about Water explicitly though.
comment Why is Cooperative Crafting a feat?
One minor improvement with the feat over Aid Another, though I don't know how often it comes up in Pathfinder is this line - "either one of you can fulfill any other prerequisites for crafting the item.". This means if there are two potential crafters, one who has a better crafting check and another who has a requisite but a worse check, with just Aid Another the lead would have to be the latter with the former only granting +2, while with the feat the better crafter can lead despite lacking the requisite that the weaker crafter can cover (and still give +2 or +4).
comment Slaying Action + Sniper's Action
I'd imagine so. The only sneak attack limitation I am aware of on hybrid rogues is the fact that it only works on rogue powers and rogue paragon path powers.
comment Is a Racial hatred to all Humans enough for an evil alignment?
@Flotolk As a minor note, having a bonus towards doing something doesn't mean you always have to do it, it just means that should you choose to take that course of action you are more apt at it for whatever reason. Think of the bonus this way, if the Strix character decides to take hostile action against a human they just won't have the same mental hangups against harming them as other races, just like we IRL can choose not to kill spiders and the like, despite it being quite easy for us.
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comment Does Thunder Hooves Rage damage stack with itself?
Similar enough to this to not be worth putting in a separate answer: Even if you do count it as triggering each time you go over the only thing running over them gives is the boolean state of 1[W] extra damage on the next attack (which most likely happens after your full move). Note that (while slightly different in this case) bonuses don't stack if they're triggered from the same power/feat so it's unlikely that you are expected to be able to stack doing 1[W] extra damage three times from the same power.
comment A game where death is permanent?
For what it's worth, in my game I houseruled away the Raise Dead ritual from the start and informed my players of such. Yet to have an actual player death, but as for "Could a game like this be made to work?" that is one example :)
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comment Resolving simultaneous triggers
That is how I currently understand it, yes. Though I will admit this interpretation is mostly through observation of implications of other power/action wordings. The main differentiation being the free action being an opt-in action in its own right coming after the property that just says it happens. The teleports (assuming you can do them one after another) aren't useless though. That's a lot of squares you could travel (or a lot of combat advantage granted)